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The Weglos Difference: It’s All About You, Our Patients.

We know teeth, gums and facial muscles, but no one knows your mouth better than you do. We don’t assume we know what’s best for your dental care until we learn about you as a person. First, we get to know your dental history.

We ask the right questions.

Then we really listen to your answers.

Ours isn’t a “top-down” practice. We consider ourselves partners – with you and with each other – in your oral health.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry is an integrated approach to oral health for people of all ages. Dr. Weglos takes into account everything about your lifestyle. In short, we don’t just treat your mouth, we consider your whole person. We recognize that your regular diet and hygiene regimen is the foundation of your overall oral health. We’ll help you understand all the factors that affect your oral health, how your body works to keep you healthy, and the most effective ways to work with it to maintain oral health:

“The Whole You” Systems Review – Diet analysis, home care analysis, recommendations for effective hygiene tools and supplies, and a plan to optimize their value through proper regular use

“Custom Smile” Plan – We’ll work with you to formulate an individual dental maintenance schedule that takes into account your regular activities.

We know that an informed patient is our best ally against poor oral health. We do what it takes to find out what you need and what your oral health goals are, then work with you to achieve them. Our whole team stays on top of the latest discoveries and new techniques in oral care, so we can always offer you the most effective and reliable treatments.

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