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Teeth Tools

We continually invest in state-of-the-science tools, equipment and technology to ensure that we’re delivering the safest, most effective, least intrusive treatment possible for your dental care. We also stay tuned in to advances in dental hygiene supplies, and choose those formulated with natural ingredients, when available. And of course, we recently completed construction of our new office building in our new Newtown location. All of these efforts are undertaken to provide you with the most pleasant, comfortable dental care experience you can have with us at Weglos Comprehensive Family Dentistry.


A dental visit today doesn’t much resemble one from even ten years ago… and most folks think that’s great. We couldn’t agree more! After all, we’re people, too, and we understand the trepidation that can be caused by having people with large, strange instruments messing around in your mouth.

We’re so pleased we can keep that invasiveness to a minimum with our modern machines and software. One great example is the way we now look at the parts of your dental structure that lie beneath your skin. We still take x-rays, but the days of the isolated room where you don a huge, heavy lead apron and endure biting down on large, uncomfortable bite wings are long gone.

Today, manufacturers have developed more compact x-ray machines like our Instrumentarium Orthpantomograph OP300, which can deliver a far more focused beam of digital radiography. That means the areas we must protect are smaller and can be covered with an easily managed throat shield. We’ve got smaller bite wings, as well, that do the job of isolating the inner mouth area without causing pain or that feeling that you might choke. And with our practiced team of professionals operating it, the whole procedure now takes a matter of seconds rather than long minutes.

Best of all, our CBCT Scanner provides full 3D imaging rather than the old two-dimensional view. And it’s all stored in a modern patient management database that allows us to store the digital images right along with your data records for fast, easy retrieval. This lets us make quick decisions based on accurate information, to deliver the exact treatment you need in as little time as possible.

Care Products

Dr. Mark works with his care team to choose only the most effective and safest products available for in-office oral hygiene care. We also make these products available for purchase so you can take them home and use them in your daily care routine.

Image of Phillips Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes

Natural Mouth Rinse

Alcohol-free Tooth and Gum Tonic, made with natural ingredients, is the ONLY mouth rinse you’ll find in our office. Dr. Weglos knows that alcohol-based rinses are too harsh for use on sensitive gum and mouth tissue, and can cause more problems than they solve. But what you’ll notice immediately is the subtle, pleasant taste and the lack of any burning sensation when you use it.

Image of Tooth and Gum Tonic Natural Mouth Rinse

Electric Toothbrushes

We use, recommend and offer for purchase the Philips Sonicare line of electric toothbrushes. In the same way that the micro-vibration of ultrasonic cleaning works to deep-clean jewelry in a way that regular surface polishing can’t, Philips Sonicare’s unique technology drives fluid deep between your teeth and along the gum line for visibly cleaner teeth, healthier gums and a whiter smile. Ask us about how these modern tools can help you keep your smile healthy.


We’re proud of our airy, open new office just outside of downtown Newtown in central Bucks County. Convenient to I-95, our office is a renovated farmhouse from the Victorian era. From the moment you enter the bright, cheerful “living room” to be greeted by Patti, you’ll feel the homey charm that pervades the whole office. Sit and relax with your choice of reading materials on our comfortable sofa, loveseat and TV. Our building has just enough treatment rooms to allow us to deliver responsive service to our patients without making anyone feel rushed. Our modern chairs keep you comfortable and offer views of our beautiful surroundings to enjoy during treatment.

New Office Tour

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